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Claims for Injuries in Single-Car Accidents

At first glance, it might appear that the only person responsible for a single-vehicle car accident was the driver-you. A large percentage of people who have been injured in a car accident where there was no other driver assume that they will have to accept whatever the insurance company is willing to pay on their claim. These people are forced to pay any sums not covered for their medical bills and vehicle repairs. If they suffered injuries that will lead to chronic pain or discomfort, they may have to choose between paying for treatment out-of-pocket, or living with the pain if they can’t afford treatment.

When you have received injuries in a single-vehicle accident, you need to speak with a Queens car accident attorney to determine whether you might have grounds for a large cash settlement. The factors which lead to car accidents of any kind are often far more complex than is obvious to a casual observer. An attorney who has experience with the causes of car accidents can question you regarding the incident to discover whether any circumstances, for example hazardous road conditions, having to take sudden evasive actions to avoid reckless drivers, cyclists or pedestrians, or even product defects such as faulty brakes or airbags, could have caused or exacerbated the accident and your resulting injuries. If it can be proven that your accident wasn’t due to simple negligence on your part, you may be able to secure compensation to cover all your costs and the pain you have been forced to suffer.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Queens

You have a right to make a claim for your vehicle damage and physical injuries, but insurance claims adjusters will often try to reduce the amount they are required to pay on single-car accidents to the bare minimum. In many cases, they get away with it because simply because the accident victim wasn’t willing to fight for the money. By working with a Queens personal injury attorney at The Law Offices of Scott A. Felicetti, you will benefit from our extensive experience with the modus operandi followed by the large insurance companies. When we represent you in your case, we will spare you the difficult work of negotiating and bringing legal pressure when your claim is delayed or denied, so that you increase the possibility of getting the financial compensation you deserve to recover from your accident.

Contact a Queens car accident attorney to find out what you can do to pursue a settlement after you have suffered injuries in a single-vehicle accident.