Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Queens

Determining Liability in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

When multi-car pile-ups or collisions occur, the drivers involved often have trouble sorting out the exact sequence of actions leading up to the accident. The result is that no one is certain who caused the accident and nobody is able to make an insurance claim for compensation in the amounts that they truly need to recover from their injuries. This is especially true in serious accidents, when the victims are in too much pain or shock to handle questions of culpability and liability. If you have been caught up in a multi-vehicle accident, you need to hire a Queens car accident lawyer immediately to protect yourself against the claims of the other drivers and to ensure that your receive the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Car accidents involving more than one driver grow more complex in ratio to the number of vehicles. Head-on accidents, rear-end accidents and T-bone collisions may be caused by a distracted driver, but without expert analysis or testimony, it can be exceedingly difficult to prove who really was responsible for the situation. The causes of car accidents are not limited to one driver’s actions, but can include others who were texting while driving or behaving recklessly. When you have suffered harm in a pile-up, the last thing you need is to be forced to fight legal battles and exhaust yourself with negotiations over payment on your insurance claim. The most important thing that you can do is to secure legal representation from a Queens personal injury lawyer to make sure that your claim for damages is as strong as possible.

Car Accident Attorney in Queens

At The Law Offices of Scott A. Felicetti, we believe in doing whatever is necessary to see that our clients’ needs are met. Our lead attorney has achieved multi-million dollar settlements in Queens, and we know that it often takes the willingness to be aggressive to resolve car accident claims. You can reach us whenever you need, day or night, and we will be ready to start on your case when you are. We are a Queens law firm, we know the people and the courts in this community, and we look forward to fighting for you.

Contact a Queens car accident lawyer if you have been injured in a multi-vehicle car accident and need legal help to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.