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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any injury to the brain will no doubt be severe. The force of impact that is externally imposed on the head is enough to damage an individuals external appearance as well as their internal functional capabilities. Car accidents are often the cause of injuries as severe as those affecting the brain, and when traumatic brain injuries are the result of a vehicle collision catastrophe can ensue.

One of the most dangerous aspects of car accidents is their ability to severely harm those involved. This is particularly true considering the fact that brain injuries can occur from direct impact as well as by sheer acceleration. This means that even coming to a screeching halt in order to avoid a distracted driveron the road could be enough to directly impact your brain and/or skull. Force to the brain, whether directly or indirectly, could potentially lead to altered cerebral blood flow or extreme pressure to the skull. This means that even if you somehow walk away from the accident initially unscathed you could still be in danger of traumatic personal injury to the brain.

Brain Injury Attorney in Queens, NY

The fact that brain injuries can occur in a head-on collision or a rear-end collision, in a single-vehicle accident or a multi-vehicle accident makes the trauma that much more catastrophic in nature. A Queens car accident lawyer will need to be involved when any cause of a car accident leads to injuries to the brain.

With 22 years of legal practice and experience, The Felicetti Law Firm has seen and defended all types of injuries and accidents related to vehicles. We know just how overwhelming the time after an accident can be, especially when it involves having to deal with the medical expenses and legal claims involved with injuries. Therefore, we know just what to do to take care of personal injury victims – legally and supportively addressing all of your needs in the most efficient manner possible. We aim to successfully fight for your rights and get you the money that is owed to you.

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