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Being injured in any kind of automobile accident can be traumatic. Not only can victims of car wrecks suffer lasting physical damages, but emotional trauma as well. Accidents happen, but many avoidable car accidents are the fault of careless or negligent drivers. At The Felicetti law firm, we are dedicated to standing up for the rights of individuals who have been injured in car accidents that weren't their fault. We are ready and willing to handle any type of auto accident case, including multi-vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Every year, thousands of car wrecks are caused by drivers who attempt to operate their vehicles while texting or talking on the phone. Texting while driving is a serious problem that can leave innocent people with lasting physical injuries. If you have been hurt in a car accident and you believe another driver was careless or negligent, fill out the form below to receive a free case evaluation from a Queens car accident attorney.

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