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Personal Injuries Caused by Distracted Drivers

It is estimated that when vehicles get caught in New York traffic jams, it costs the city some 52,000 jobs and $13 billion a year. With such congestion, many people multi-task during traffic stalls, doing such things as reading the newspaper, putting on make- up, and talking on cell phones. It's easy as a driver to become distracted and to stop paying close attention to the road; in these circumstances, it is not surprising that car accidents happen frequently. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident involving a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. For our free consultation, contact a Queens car accident attorney at The Law Offices of Scott Felicetti at your earliest opportunity. You can be assured that we will carefully review your situation and provide valuable insight on your best course of action.

Distracted driving significantly increases the risk of an accident and can have devastating results, including catastrophic injuries to the people involved. Some examples of distracted driving include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Eating, drinking
  • Combing hair, using hairspray
  • Reading, writing, looking at maps
  • Listening to loud music, having an intense conversation

Have you been injured by a distracted driver?

Our skilled personal injury lawyers have over 22 years of experience and have earned a reputation in our community for aggressively fighting for client rights. When you retain our firm, we will use our experience to meticulously examine accident reports. hospital records, photographs and witness testimony, with the goal of pursuing the negligent party in your case.

We have been successful in obtaining multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in Queens and are wholly committed to helping you pursue the maximum compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Contact a Queens car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Scott Felicetti for immediate attention 24/7 in your case.